Hello All You Parents Who Love Your Kids! Coach Mobley here –

I want your child to have the best college options possible. That’s my focus. In the most recent year (as of the writing of this letter) I’ve helped high school students get accepted by Duke, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Cornell, West Point, Stanford, Chicago, Brown, Williams, Columbia, USC, Swarthmore, Northwestern, Rice, Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Amherst, Cal Berkeley, Wellesley, Bowdoin, Notre Dame, Cal Tech, Tufts, Carnegie Mellon, Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins and other top public & private colleges. (Turn up your speakers, click the screen below, and you will hear my seminar on the 10 Things Parents Must Know to Get Their Kid Into A Top College.)

High school students don’t know what they don’t know about the ultra competitive college application process. As parents, part of our job is to help shift the odds in favor of our kids while we can, if we can. One way to do this is to provide appropriate guidance to them during the college application process. After you listen to the audio seminar below, Click Here to read about my results. Click HERE Now to get your kid into a top college. Be sure and Check Out the infographic below!

10 Things Parents Need to Know to Get their Kid in a Great College

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