Need to Fix Your Relationship fast? Try this relationship turnaround…

Want a Relationship Turnaround? Fix Your Relationship With This Amazing Marriage Secret Of A Desperate Wife and An Unhappy Husband!

If you would like to fix your marriage or relationship very quickly, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read. Yes. This is all about you experiencing a Relationship Turnaround.

Here is why: my name is Darryl L. Mobley and, I grew up in a home where my parents got divorced. As a child, this caused me quite a bit of unhappiness. Honestly, I wasn’t just unhappy. I was desperate to have a pleasant home life full of love between my Mother and my Father.  That did not happen and it remained a source of despair for my parents and for me.

The unhappiness between my parents also led me to study – later in life as an adult – what makes relationships fail and what makes them joyous.

Fast forward – after graduating from West Point, serving as an Army Officer, a successful corporate career, becoming a leading life coach (with hundreds of clients from all over the world), getting & being very happily married, and having children, I came up with a “crazy idea” about a process that would fix any bad marriage or relationship fast! It would also help your new relationship stay on track.

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Is A Relationship Turnaround Possible?

Many of my friends were skeptical about the idea. They thought there was no way that my approach would work for those who were in bad marriages. They laughed despite the fact that my life coaching had already helped hundreds of couples to fix their horrible relationships and live in bliss together. In fact, Message from Coach Mobley to Desperate Wives and Unhappy Husbandsone of my college friends said that I believed too much in other people and that my idea for giving people the keys to improving their relationship was such a waste of time, he felt sorry for me.

They didn’t believe it was possible to fix relationships fast even though by this time I was fairly well-known as a life coach. I’d written books, spoken to groups around the world, was host of a very popular life coaching radio show, was co-founder of a family magazine, regularly appeared on-TV as the station’s “official life coach”…  I had also been labeled the “best life coach on the planet,” “America’s No. 1 Life Coach”, and I had coached folks – both the famous and the not-quite famous – across the globe.

Well, I didn’t care. I learned a long time ago that nothing gets better without belief.

Plus, lurking in my memory was the divorce of my own parents. A divorce my parents wished had never happened, except they did not know how to make their relationship right. I knew that there were millions of couples just like my parents. Couples who felt powerless to change the direction that their horribly unsatisfying marriage was going.

You CAN Fix Your Relationship!

You know who did not doubt me? The clients I had coached. They knew my techniques worked. My wife also knew that my “secrets” to a wonderful relationship worked.

Over the years, hundreds of couples had come to me to help them get their relationships on the right track. I’d even had friends of mine ask me to provide relationship coaching to their daughters (or sons) and their fiancé (or fiancée) before they got married.

So, I knew I had a great idea and I began studying the key steps I’d had hundreds of couples – who had come to me for relationship coaching – take over the years. I then selected only the key steps that had definitely worked for every couple. Every relationship is different, but these were the action steps that had worked for every couple. I spoke with several other marriage and relationship coaches, to learn their approaches and get their feedback. Then I connected with one of my favorite thinkers when it comes to relationships – Dr. Joyce Morley. I sat down with Dr. Joyce and we had a great conversation about fixing relationships.

We mapped out a FOOLPROOF system that takes you from the Day One – Stop the Madness Phase all the way through to Day Ten – Your Day of Celebration.

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Well, my question & answer session with Dr. Joyce, my coaching of hundreds of couples, and a whole bunch of research led me to create the step-by-step program that works in just 10 days! The program involves a detailed Action Guidebook and four (4) Audio CDs, with the step-by-step, day-by-day process that will lead you to a vastly improved relationship. Being in a great relationship is priceless!

Then, to test the relationship turnaround program I sent it to more than 120 coaching clients & acquaintances – representing all different lengths & types of relationships – who I thought might want to – or need to – improve their relationships.

Except, I intentionally did not send it to one person I’d known for several years who I knew had been suffering in a horrible, soul-sucking, and negative marriage for years. More on her later.

And guess what? The letters, texts, and phone calls from those I’d shared my program with started coming in. My program worked! Couples did see dramatic improvement in their relationships. Couples did stop moving towards separating and breaking up their families. One couple who had already gotten divorced used my program and got back together, happier than they’d ever been!

Again and again and again – couples thanked me and the program for saving their marriage or improving their relationship. Several couples took me out to dinner to thank me in person.

Then, I sent a questionnaire to each couple that I’d sent the program. As agreed before I sent the program, both members of the relationship had to honestly answer my questions on their own and send me their answers. It was quite illuminating.

What’s the bottom line? Simply this: my program helped every single couple who tried it. What was the magic? The magic was in the step-by-step process that each couple had to take over the 10 days.

I even ran a contest among those who I tested the program on to come up with the name of the program. The winning name was a combination of several great ideas I received. The name? The 10 Day Relationship TurnaroundTM.

“You dream of a happy relationship with more love, more satisfaction, less arguing and great sex. Life would be so much easier if you didn’t spend all your waking hours and emotional energy hating the person you’re supposed to love the most! You can recapture the love you once had! You can do it in just 10 days! All you have to do is follow my proven program!”

The 10-Day Relationship TurnaroundTM

Think about it: All these people wrote or called me to express their appreciation. It was quite humbling. 10-Day Relationship Turnaround programOf course, I was happy for each and every person who used my program. As the thanks poured in, all I could think about was all the children of these couples who would not have to go through the pain I experienced because my parents divorced. A house full of love is just the best! Don’t you agree?

A Desperate Wife and a Very Unhappy Husband

But, I had one more thing to do. Remember the person I’d known for several years who was in that really bad, soul-killing, happiness-destroying marriage? You see, I knew that she had given up. I knew that her husband also didn’t care anymore. I knew (everyone knew!) that their marriage was lifeless, loveless, and a one-way ticket to hell-on-this-earth. They had both made mistakes. I knew that this would be the ultimate relationship to fix. If my program could help them, it could help anyone.

I decided to call her and ask her and her husband to follow my 10-day program. I spoke to both of them. The wife told me that she was “desperate and sad.” The husband told me that he had not planned for it to end this way, but they had tried everything and he was “very unhappy.”  They had tried a marriage therapist and that had failed. They told me that they had both lawyered up and were going to move to divorce. They had not decided how they would deal with the three kids they had. Hearing about the children was like a shot through my heart. So, I asked them two questions. One – Do you want your marriage to work? Two – What do you have to lose from trying my fast 10-day program?

They agreed to try my 10-day Relationship Turnaround program. I sent it to them.

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As happened to be the case, I was leaving two days later for a Summer trip with my family and would not be back at work for about a month. Based on the comments I’d received from hundreds of people, I knew that my 10-Day program’s Action Guidebook and 4 Audio CDs and Relationship Journal were so straightforward and easy to understand that the couple did not need me in order to follow each step.

What happened?

When I returned from my trip, there were plants & flowers waiting for me at my office. Chocolates too! And, bottles of wine.  All of these gifts were from that desperate wife and very unhappy husband. I called them and they said the following and a whole lot more:

Your 10-Day Relationship Turnaround program helped us stop the madness. Your process is an amazing secret…

Simply said, my 10-day program worked for this couple. It’s been a few years since then and they are happily married and still using the program’s step-by-step process in order to stay in love. They told me that their kids are also happier and doing much better in school.  In fact, based on their comments I renamed the program, the…

10-Day Relationship Turnaround:
How To Stop The Madness and Create Fantastic Love

Do you wish to improve your relationship? If so, you should use my “crazy idea” (the Program) to create the relationship you dream of in just 10 days!

Start Now!

Over the years since I developed it, my program has been used by thousands of couples to deal with relationship issues, even though I have never promoted the program. It seems as if people heard about my 10-Day program from friends. That’s why I call it the “secret” program.

Who Needs This “Secret” and Fast Relationship Turnaround Program?

Please answer these questions:

  • Do you feel stuck in a bad marriage or relationship?
  • Are you a wife (or husband) about to get a divorce and wish it did not end that way?
  • Are you about to get married or are recently married and you want your relationship to really work out?
  • Were your parents divorced?
  • Were you raised in a home where there was too little love?
  • Are you at a loss for how to “fix” your relationship?
  • Is “No one” your answer to the question, “Who taught you how to create and sustain a great relationship?”
  • Would you like your relationship to be better, happier, filled with more love?
  • Have you already separated, but wish the relationship could be fixed?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you should try my program. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

10 Day Relationship Turnaround:
How To Stop The Madness and Create Fantastic Love

Love & Hearts Relationship Turnaround

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Listen: a few years ago my Mother was visiting us for a while and towards the end of her stay she asked me how had my wife and I created such a loving relationship. That led to a very honest conversation during which I shared the principles I covered in my 10-Day program. She asked me, “Where did you learn all of this?” I answered her and then she said, “I wish I had known this back when I was married to your Dad.”

The 10-Day Relationship TurnaroundTM program can be used by anyone. A husband or wife, young or old, someone who has been married for decades, those still dating, a newly-wed, the previously divorced, those who just want more love in their lives, the happily married, or the not yet married. My program may generate so much love in your life that you might start to think that you’re living in heaven on earth! I’m not kidding.

None of us were born knowing how to create and sustain a great relationship. We have to learn how to do it right.

By the way, my program has lots to give you in just 10 days. When you complete the 10-Day Relationship Turnaround Program, you’ll know:

  • How you got to where you are now and how to NEVER end up there again
  • The undisputed FIRST STEP you need to take BEFORE you can begin healing your relationshipWhy playing the BLAME GAME gets you nowhere in a hurry
  • The best way to finally FORGIVE your partner and move on from the madness for ever
  • The seven things you must each agree to before you can fix your relationship
  • The most important question you must ask yourselves before you can begin this journey
  • Why you should never stop dating
  • What you really need from your significant other
  • What you think you want from your relationship
  • How to rekindle the flame you thought was lost forever
  • How to know when you are back in a real relationship
  • Why you and your significant other are really together
  • The plan to get you to your relationship nirvana …your Relationship Agenda
  • The secret to resolving disagreements amicably

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Wow – does that sound good to you? I knew it would! But I don’t stop there. I also cover …

  • How to develop a long-term plan for a happy relationship
  • How and why you need to keep well-meaning friends and family out of your stuff!
  • Why you need to be proactive and not reactive if you want to stay happy forever
  • How and why you sabotage your own happiness
  • Why loving and accepting yourself is key to your happiness

There’s more. A lot more. Including how to find your soul mate and how to prevent & fix the 10 Biggest Relationship Mistakes that most couples make.

OK, that’s it for now.  I hope I have given you enough information about the 10-Day Relationship Turnaround program’s 4 Audio CDs plus Action Guidebook plus Relationship Journal to make you decide to get it and use it right away.

Stop Fighting With Each Other and Start Making Sweet, Sweet Love!

Look, the cost of the 10 Day Relationship Turnaround: How To Stop The Madness and Create Fantastic Love program is extremely low compared to what you get and the wonderful changes it causes in your love life. Remember, you get the detailed Action Guidebook plus 4 Audio CDs plus Relationship Journal that lead you and your mate step-by-step to the relationship of your dreams in just 10 days. That’s fast! Here’s how you order.

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Or, you can mail just $74.97 to us by snail mail:

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When ordering by mail, include your full street mailing address, your full name, your email address, and your phone number (in case we need to contact you about your order). That’s all there is to it. As soon as we receive your order, we will send the program to you as quickly as possible!

By the way, checks and money orders should be made payable to Mobley Unlimited, and it is not a good idea to mail cash. Thank you.

Enjoy Life!


P.S. – Please note that if you don’t really love your mate, can’t remember how GREAT things used to be, or are looking for a quick fix, but aren’t committed to doing the heavy relationship lifting necessary to get the love you desire and keep it forever, than this isn’t the program for you and I wish you the best in figuring out whatever it is you decide to do with your relationship.

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