Safety is a top priority for BoomZip and it is our goal to make every beauty & wellness booking safe, comfortable, and reliable. We work hard to design policies and features that protect our community. Each of the seven steps shown below is designed to signal accountability and encourage good behavior by clients.

1. We know the clients and so will you

All clients must create an account and provide their name, payment info, address, email address, and smart phone number before they can request a service. So when you accept a request, you’ll know who you’re providing services to and so will we.

2. Safe communications

You will be able to communicate with the client on the BoomZip platform so that both your and the client’s phone numbers remain confidential. When you and your client need to contact each other, your personal information stays private.

3. In-app navigation

When clients enter their destination, you will automatically receive turn-by-turn directions in the app, so you can focus on getting there safely.

4. Always on the map

GPS data is tracked for every booking so we know who you’re providing services to and where you’re providing those services, which promotes accountability and encourages good behavior.

5. No cash, no hassle

The BoomZip system automatically charges the client’s payment method on file, so that no cash is used.

6. BoomZip Pro feedback

You rate your client after every service. We review those ratings to ensure that everyone who books services with us is as respectful as you are. Clients reported to violate our terms of service may be prevented from using BoomZip.

7. We are only a tap away!

You will let us know when you begin the booking and when you have finished. Just tap the BoomZip app. We’ve got your back.