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BoomZip’s Trust & Safety Program

Hi. I’m Darryl. Co-Founder of

Our goals include making BoomZip the safest marketplace for beauty and wellness services.

We also want you to get fantastic makeup, hair styling, manicures, pedicures, waxing, chiropractor treatments, facials, yoga & pilates sessions, massages, fitness workouts and other services WHEN you want and WHERE you want.

In your home, at work, or wherever!

To do this BoomZip has a unique 7 step Trust & Safety Program:

1st – We interview and audition each service professional to confirm that their performance and character meet BoomZip’s standards. If they’re not good people, we don’t want them!

2nd – We verify each professional’s professional license with the state licensing authority.

3rd – We check the U.S. Department of Justice’s comprehensive, nationwide registry – – – to ensure that our service professionals are not sexual offenders.

4th – We background screen each professional through a national database of more than 400 million criminal record files.

5th – BoomZip asks former clients and instructors to evaluate a service professional’s quality of work and professionalism.

6th – BoomZip verifies each professional’s identity info. I’m talking about their email, phone number, social security number, bank account and social media.

7th – YOU get to rate each BoomZip service professional EVERY time they provide you a service. We constantly update the ratings and only highly rated professionals get to be a part of BoomZip.

We know our service professionals better than most people know friends and family! I know that some of you count your silverware after family reunions. I’m only half-kidding!

Learn more at While you’re there, choose one of our Beauty and Wellness services, pick the time and place where you want the service, and then – enjoy life! This is affordable convenience!

Welcome to BoomZip! Beauty & Wellness. To you!
So You Can Look, Feel, and Be Your Best