CoronaVirus Response

To BoomZip’s Fabulous Clients

We are reaching out to all of our wonderful clients as we closely monitor the Coronavirus challenges. is committed to protecting the health & well-being of our clients and beauty & wellness pros.

First, we want to let you know that BoomZip has not had any reported instances to-date of either a client or pro being infected with the virus. We have always emphasized exemplary hygiene standards for BoomZip’s clients and BoomZip’s Pros and their tools.’s licensed professionals have been trained and instructed to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, including frequent hand-washing and sterilization of surfaces, products and tools before and after all service appointments. Beyond this, we are closely following the latest guidance from the White House Coronavirus Task Force and the Centers for Disease Control.

We understand that many clients don’t want beauty sessions during this period, but some of you have shown that you still do, and BoomZip Pros still want to deliver them too. Therefore, where  guidance from the White House Coronavirus Task Force, the Centers for Disease Control, and State Governments allow, we feel a responsibility to both you and BoomZip’s Pros to continue our service for as long as we can with extra precautions in place.

For all bookings taking place during this challenging period we are checking in on the day of a booking to confirm that neither party is, or has been, showing any symptoms (or been in contact with anyone who has) and both are comfortable going ahead.

You will also be able to cancel your appointment at any time with no charge should you start to feel unwell and your account will be credited for future use.

What Clients Should Do To Prepare For Their Session

Please let us know if you, or anyone you’ve been in contact with in the past 14 days, is feeling unwell or experiencing a temperature or flu-like symptoms. We will be in touch on the day of your session, so please expect a call and/or email.

To prepare for your session, please ensure that you have washed with soap and water and cleared a space for your appointment with sanitized surfaces.

When your BoomZip Pro arrives, please greet them without contact, and point out where they can wash and dry their hands and set up their equipment. You are welcome to provide your own clean towels for the session if you would prefer. Safety Precautions & Actions 

  • All BoomZip Pros will continue to sanitize and wash their hands prior to interacting with a client.
  • All BoomZip Pros will continue to sanitize their tools and products before and after every client.
  • BoomZip Pros are required to use cleansing products that contain greater than 60% alcohol and/or antimicrobial ingredients and/or bleach to sanitize all tools and products.
  • BoomZip Pros will use face masks, and continue to use disposable wands when necessary, and gloves when appropriate.
  • We are providing BoomZip Pros with information on how they can stay healthy during these unusual times.
  • If any BoomZip Pro feels ill or shows signs of any type of illness, we are immediately removing them from appointments until further notice to protect their own well-being and that of our clients.
  • will cease servicing hospitals, convalescent homes, or similar facilities at this time in order to eliminate the risk for clients and BoomZip Pros. As you may know, BoomZip came to be because one of our Co-Founders wanted his ill Mother and Mother-in-law to be able to get great beauty and wellness services at their home, 7-days a week. As such, we look forward to resuming our service to these treasured clients, when appropriate.
Supporting our Beauty & Wellness Professionals

As anyone who has chatted with their BoomZip Pro knows, BoomZip prides itself on looking after its close-knit community of freelance professionals. We are in touch with many of them during this period of uncertainty and we understand how financially vulnerable they may feel.

For one month (and perhaps longer) we will forgo our share of earnings on bookings, and give 100% of the service fee to  BoomZip’s Pros.

As a small, emerging business this is going to be a difficult time, but we will support BoomZip’s loyal professionals however we can.

As a Reminder

If you are feeling ill or showing any symptoms, please reschedule or cancel your appointment and avoid contact with others. We have instructed BoomZip Pros as follows: If they arrive to an appointment where a client is displaying symptoms, they are to leave to reduce the risk of becoming ill themselves. These are serious times that require good decision-making.

You will also be able to cancel your appointment at any time with no charge should you start to feel unwell and your account will be credited for future use. Of course, we will be covering your  BoomZip Pro’s fees for any late cancellations ourselves.

This is undoubtedly going to be a tricky time for our business, but our team of Pros & staff is as busy as ever working to refine and improve our offerings for you. If you want to support us in this period without making a booking then we offer some wonderful gift cards, which are perfect for Mother’s Day.

Please reach out to us here should you have questions.

Stay safe and we thank you for your support and trust in