Corporate Events

BoomZip is an outstanding special treat or benefit for corporations and corporate events!

For Corporate Events

1. We can set-up scheduled days to visit your office and provide your employees with blowouts, beard trims, updos, makeup applications, and mani-pedis. Contact us HERE today to find out more about making your employees super happy with BoomZip.

2. We also offer 20-minute dry styling, makeup refreshers, mani refreshers, haircut refreshers, yoga sessions, fitness sessions, and beard trim quickies for corporate clients and corporate events. You can also book hair, makeup, mani-pedis, haircuts, yoga sessions, fitness workouts, beard trims, life coaching sessions, nutrition counseling, or a combination sure to delight everyone in the office!

  • BoomZip’s Dry Styling includes curls, waves, straight hair, braids, ponytails, buns, and updos done on clean, dry hair.
  • The Makeup Refresher is a modified version of BoomZip’s full makeup application, working with already existing makeup and refreshing a combination of the eyes, lips, and cheeks.
  • BoomZip’s Mani Refresher includes a 5 minute arm massage, file, buff, polish and quick dry.
  • BoomZip’s Beard Trim Quickie and the Haircut Refresher are done on clean, dry hair and will “clean up” current looks.
  • BoomZip’s Yoga Sessions are fun and share a few basic yoga moves to loosen mind and body.
  • BoomZip’s Fitness Sessions get the heart pumping and the spirits high for everyone of every fitness level.
  • BoomZip’s “Speed Dating-style” Life Coaching sessions focus on one key area where change is desired, and include specific & powerful action-steps to be taken to make the desired changes.
  • BoomZip’s Nutrition Counseling is a laser-focused version of BoomZip’s full nutrition counseling session, led by an elite Registered Dietitian. Participants can get input on slight changes they can make in order to live healthier.

Each dry hair style, makeup refresher, mani refresher, haircut refresher, life coaching session, yoga session, fitness workout, nutrition counseling, and beard trim quickie takes about 20 minutes, so we can accommodate 3 people per hour, per hair stylist/makeup artist/manicurist/barber/life coach/dietitian. Yoga and Fitness sessions are done in groups.

For corporate events, contact us at  HERE.