How To Get BoomZip To Come To Your City

We are thrilled that you want BoomZip to come to your city! It’s really very simple: If you want us, we want you. And, we will do everything we can to expand to your city as quickly as we can. We know that you – like people all over the country – want the convenience of having top beauty & wellness professionals come to you (your home, office…) and provide their services. BoomZip uses technology and a network of the best beauty & wellness pros to make this happen. Just complete the quick & easy Invite BoomZip form below and we will get to work.

Use the form to tell us where you live, and tell us (in the Message space) the city (town, market, or region) you’d like us to expand to, and why we should expand to that city.

Thanks. Hope to see you soon!



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What does do? empowers every person to experience beauty & wellness. We help clients everywhere, at any time, look, feel, and be their best – because we want everyone to Enjoy Life! is an on-demand beauty & wellness services provider. We provide affordable and superior hairstyling (updos, blow-outs, braids), micro-needling, dermaplaning, dreadlock installation, make-up, mani/pedis, facials, men’s hairstyling/barbering & beard trims, eyelash extensions, yoga sessions, personal fitness training, nutrition coaching from licensed dietitians/nutritionists, spray tanning, and life coaching from some of the nation’s top life coaches, to our clients anywhere, at virtually any time. Our clients range from the working parent to the busy professional to the college student to the hurried stay-at-home parent to the socially active to the politician to the infirm to the local or national celebrity to the professional athlete to the media professional. Common to them all is that they believe looking, feeling, and being their best is a worthwhile pursuit.

Our clients value’s elite and background checked beauty & wellness pros providing services with no hassle and maximum convenience.’s pros come to you! They provide the services wherever (in your home or office). And, they provide the services whenever (7-days a week, morning, afternoon, or evening). At HOME. Or At WORK. At WHEREVER! Click HERE to get the App and book your service now! Beauty & Wellness To You!
So You Can Look, Feel, and Be Your Best


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Enjoy Life!